Your 2017 MAC MOTY – Dan Leach

Dan is the epitome of a renaissance man.

Dan has many hobbies, he’s involved in our community, he’s a successful entrepreneur and mostly, he’s a family man.

When Dan has a hobby, he’s all in. For instance, Dan, like many of you, has an appreciation of beer. But with Dan, it goes way beyond an “appreciation”. Dan brews his own beer and Dan doesn’t use the do it yourself kits that you can buy at the beer supply shop. Dan picks his own ingredients and brews his own custom brand of beers with his own process. It’s like the difference between baking brownies from a box mix and baking them from scratch. It doesn’t stop there either; a good share of Nancy & Dan’s backyard is occupied by a Bar Shed. This is an architectural masterpiece that Dan designed and built with help of his family and Tom Cavanaugh. After all, you need someplace to brew your beer and a neat place to sit with your friends and imbibe, right? It doesn’t stop there either, Dan went on to design and build a Kegerator to keep the beer cold and then went on to design and build a Rickshaw to deliver beer for neighborhood events.

Dan is involved in our community. Dan is the Scoutmaster for Local Troop 123 and has made a positive and lasting impact in the lives of many young people over the years. Dan is a hunting and camping enthusiast and involved in a lot of MAC activities, such as softball, golf, hunting and hockey. Only a renaissance man can look that good wearing a fedora at the East-West softball game. As you all know, Dan rarely misses a MAC social event and he and Nancy host a New Year’s Eve bash that is widely attended by the neighborhood.

I mentioned that Dan is a successful entrepreneur. Dan’s day job is inventing medical devices. This is far from your average nine to five job. His latest invention is a medical device that helps people that suffer from neuropathy, which is nerve damage or numbness in your feet that affects the ability to walk. When approved by the FDA, it’s going to improve the lives of thousands of people. If you want to be in on the ground floor on this investment opportunity, see Dan and he can tell you more about it.

Lastly, Dan’s a family man. For some that may not have lived in Morningside for very long, here’s a condensed version of the backstory. Almost ten years ago, I was sitting at Weber Park on a warm sunny weekday morning. My son was nine years old and we were watching the boys play “day baseball”. Suddenly, the piercing sounds of multiple police sirens made us all concerned because clearly an emergency in the neighborhood was happening. We found out later that day that the emergency call was for Dan’s residence on lower Oakdale. Tragically, Dan’s first wife, Carol, had a sudden and massive stroke. Carol was lovely, she was a Mom’s Mom and worked as an editor for a local magazine. Here’s Dan, his job at the time required frequent out of state travel and just like that he’s a widower with three kids, ages 6, 11 & 13. My son was in the same CP class at Highlands with William and Patricia so I saw firsthand how Dan picked up the pieces and kept his family together with care and love. Two years later, Dan met Nancy Bush. Nancy was a young widow with three kids of her own having lost her husband John way too early after a battle with cancer in 2006. Dan and Nancy were married 6 years ago. This is truly a Morningside couple. They have a very busy and loving household and I consider them the king and queen of Morningside.

I am proud to announce that Dan Leach is your 2017 Man of the Year.

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